Monday, January 19, 2015

A Good Day to Serve Your Local Shelter

Did you know that today is the national MLK Day of Service?

According to the Corporation for National and Community Service's web site, this day was set up as a part of the President's national call to service initiative.

Here is what their web site has to say about it:

"Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "Life's most persistent and urgent question is: 'What are you doing for others?'"

Each year, Americans across the country answer that question by coming together on the King Holiday to serve their neighbors and communities.

The MLK Day of Service is a part of United We Serve, the President's national call to service initiative."

As passionate animal advocates, we would love to see this include an increase in the number of people who choose to volunteer at their local animal shelters and rescues.
Just think about what you could do if you spent an hour today at your local shelter.

Katie loves a good, rousing game of mousie, but it's hard without a human.
She'd love it if someone would visit her and toss it around a bit!

Did you know simply petting and playing with dogs and cats is important? It's called pet enrichment, and this type of socialization helps ensure they're comfortable ariund humans and ready to move into their forever homes.

Serena wants you to know how grateful she is for fresh food and water.

You can walk a few dogs in an hour. You can fill food and water bowls, or take photos for your shelter so they can show these adoptable sweethearts on their website. You could even shoot a few seconds of video and post it to facebook to show how very lovable these animals are, and deserving of their very own homes.

What do you think? Just an hour, given on this national day of service?
Kitties like Justin would be ever so grateful.

An hour of service? How about an hour of cuddles and adorable kittenness?

And so would we.


  1. I just adopted a new kitty from a shelter ;-)

  2. What a lovely idea ...I think we may just follow your lead and head to our local shelter.

  3. Fantastic idea! If we all did just a little, together we could make a world of difference!

  4. Great idea. I am sure for one day a year we can all make an effort to help our shelters. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. I would do that every day if a.) I could drive and b.) my shelter weren't an hour and a half away. So the Farm cats and I just try to send them foods and monies. But you are so wise.

  6. a great idea - or even set it up (in advance of course...too late for that now - haha) to do a big service project on something that needs to be done but gets over looked in the day to day operations

  7. People forget that adult cats enjoy playing almost as much as kittens! There needs to be more of that in shelters and rescues - sometimes it's the best way to interact with kitties who shy away from getting too close to humans.

  8. Such a wonderful idea, gang! Thanks for advocating for shelter animals and their well-being. Hugs!

  9. Great idea! So many ways to help. What would happen if everyone donated just one hour a month to their local shelter or rescue?

  10. This is a great post and wonderful way to spend your day off!

  11. Excellent message for the national MLK Day of Service!! Thanks for giving us great hints!

  12. Great message. When I retired, I checked into volunteering at a local rescue - or simply coming in for an hour once a week to pet and play with the kitties in the kitty room. That plan fell thru because it required a half day of training about 2 hours out of town where their main facility was located. Because of my back problems, there was no way I could do that, nor could I clean cages, etc., All I wanted to do was play with the kitties one night a week for an hour or so. Now my health has declined, so I'm not considering doing even that any longer. I was bumbed to say the least.

  13. Great ideas! The Mom takes photos for our favorite local shelter and posts them on their Facebook page. She tries to go every week to get photos, but that doesn't always happen.

  14. It's a great idea if the shelter will let you.

  15. What great ideas! It doesn't take money, just time and love :)

  16. Justin could be Waffles brother. Excellent post, and we agree that the day of service certainly could include doing something for the animals less fortunate than ours. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  17. Great idea! We have a program like that at one of the rescues we support. They have volunteers who come in exclusively to play and interact with the cats. :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  18. if only we could convince more people of the absolute importance of going in and patting a shelter cat. I know a lot of people think I'm just kidding when I say it is such an important thing.. or when I take my foster kittens out to be held by other people.. but darn it.. it is near as important if not more so than taking a dog for a walk..


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