Saturday, January 31, 2015

Breaking! Hallmark Channel #KittenBowl News!

Faraday: Knowing how you all appreciate my keen, timely, and incisive reporting --

*off-screen groan that sounds suspiciously like Allie*
Faraday: *discreet cough* --we're bringing Sunday's Report to you early today. might have heard a little something about a Kitten Bowl airing on Super Bowl Sunday. You know, this Sunday? As in just hours away?
You've probably noticed a lot of buzz about it on social media. You know, with fellow pet bloggers and on places like your Facebook feed?

So it probably won't come as any surprise that the Hallmark team promoting the Kitten Bowl has been a bit busy these past few days.

Photo: Hallmark Channel, #KittenBowl 2015
They've been on Ellen. They've made the rounds: The Late Late Show, People, HuffPo, even the Wall Street Journal.

Yesterday, Hallmark Channel brought a mini Kitten Bowl to New York City, and here with riveting, on location color commentary, is my big brother, Maxie.

Faraday: *stage whisper* That's your cue, Maxie...

Shameless product placement: Hallmark's Wacky    
Cats Party Hat, available for a limited time at Wal-Mart.
The purrfect way to root for #TeamCat at #KittenBowl!
Maxwell: Dood...wait. Tell me again why you get to wear the Reporter hat and I have to wear this one?

Faraday: *eyeroll* It's called product placement, Maxie. You're doing fine.
Can we get on with the report please?

Maxwell: But, uh...the hat...

Faraday: It's a party hat, Maxie. Seriouslies! Everyone parties on Super Bowl Sunday. You'll fit right in, trust me.

Our fans are waiting. Can we get back to the report, now, pleeease?

Maxwell: Well...

*clears throat*

We're coming to you live from Times Square where - mere hours ago - at this very spot, twelve kittens descended on the Big Apple in a big way.

Yesterday morning, Kitten Bowl host Beth Stern, along with a dozen key players from both teams, pawed their way onto the sets of Good Morning America, The Today Show and MSNBC's Morning Joe, to name a few.

And - BREAKING NEWS - some of them are going to have to miss the game today...
due to ADOPTION.

Faraday: That's right folks, you heard it here first.

Five kittens are not going to make it to the Big Game Sunday, because ...

in a blitz move no one saw coming ...

these kittens won the hearts of three GMA staffers, along with GMA co-anchor Lara Spenser!

And - captured live, on the spot - one lucky Linebacker made his way into the home of Morning Joe's host, Mika Brzezinski:

Concatulations to these five kittens and their new owners! Looks like they'll be watching the Kitten Bowl from the comfort of their new forever homes.

We call that a WIN for the Home Team!

Hallmark Channel's Pam Slay told us, "The rest (of the NYC kitten bowl team) went home to North Shore Animal League America where they will likely be adopted (this weekend) as part of North Shore's huge national shelter partner outreach."

True, that. In fact, our hometown Wayside Waifs is a participant in the Kitten Bowl watch parties, hoping to take home the big prize. What big prize, you ask?

Pam: "Hundreds of animals will find fur-ever homes because of this effort. Hallmark Channel & North Shore teamed up to provide the shelter who adopts the most animals out with a $5000 grant and tons of gifts for the families who adopt!"

Makes us proud our mom works for the company that's made the Kitten Bowl possible.

Last year, Jefferson Parish in New Orleans won the big prize. We wonder who it will be today?

Are you planning to watch the Kitten Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday? The game to watch begins at 12 Eastern, 11 Central - mere hours away, on Hallmark Channel.


  1. Apaws! Apaws! Apaws!!!
    YAY for the fab five kittens that have already been adopted!!! Now THAT's a great excuse to miss the game. And kudos to Hallmark and the North Shore Animal League for coming together to make this amazing event possible! We wouldn't MISS it!! Superbowl, Schmuperbowl... we're watching the #KittenBowl!

    Uh, Maxie... about that hat.

    ; )

  2. That's a great reason for them to miss the game! Good for those kittens! We'll be watching the Kitten Bowl for sure!

  3. That's very exciting news. It's wonderful when kitties find forever homes!

  4. That is great news! I wish I had a television so I could watch the Kitten Bowl. Well, it's not that I don't have a television, it's just in a box. Wait? Did they take my favorite box too?!

  5. Maxie dood that hat is awesome. I want one please. I'm defintly watching the kitty bowl. Great reporting boys!!

  6. That is SUCH great new! Paws up for those kittens - and the humans that adopted them!

  7. Great news indeed. Have a serene and easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. That is such good news! That's the type we like :)

  9. Paws up for the great news! Even if they aren't in the big game, those kittens are the real winners!

    We're sad that we can't watch the kitten bowl this year, but we're cable-less. We're going to be living it vicariously through all of our blogging friends.

  10. Just popped by'z to wizh youz a belated Happy'z New Year. Wez back and
    wez got'z a competition'z going'z. so pop'z by.
    Big'z hug'z xxoxxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  11. Great news!! I can't wait to watch The Kitten Bowl.

  12. yay for adoptions! Yay for your great blog post! Yay for Hallmark and Yay that you have a job! lol!

  13. Good Golly Yous Guys! What great reporting and such great news! We knows that winners in the kitten bowl is all the adoption centers and all the kitties that gets adopted! And yous knows where mes and Ninja and Komo and Jo Jo (oh and the hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon) will be watching the KITTEN BOWL!!!
    Go Tem Kitten Go!!!

  14. That's the best reason for these kittens to miss the game ! What a great report ! Not sure about your hat though, Maxwell... Purrs

  15. Great reporting team! Yes! We will be watching and hoping all of the animals are winners with adoptions! I'm so happy that five were benched due to new homes! Purr-fect!

  16. Wowzers! This is a super great and informative post! I wonder if anyone is covering the puppy bowl in such a thorough fashion?

  17. That is great news that those 5 kittens have got their forever homes.

  18. We're so glad that the kitties are missing the game because they are in their furever homes! We're watching the Kitten Bowl right now and enjoying it very much! Thanks to Hallmark and your mom for all the fun!

  19. What a fab story! Five kittens with a new start in life! That's something to Cheer about!

  20. $5000?!? talk about burying the lead..

    Too bad our shelter can't participate.. we are out of kittens.. (well unless Lena hasn't been adopted yet)

    and darn it that hat is adorable Maxie.. I so want one

  21. We have never heard of the Hallmark Channel here in Canada. We bet it was really fun to watch though! :)

    Hooray for the kitties that were adopted! Well done :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  22. We watched da Kitten Bowl - so cute!

  23. Wow, we didn't know that five kittens were adopted before the bowl even started. That is terrific. Great reporting guys. Please join us Sunday for our selfies blog hop. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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