Saturday, January 3, 2015

Two New Photohunts for 2015!

Cathy Keisha introduced us to the new 52 Snapshots of Life Photohunt, hosted by the Lazy Pit Bull -  and we're also continuing with Whistlestop's Saturday Photohunt this year!

Today, both coincide nicely with a post we've been wanting to share:

52 Snapshots' Word of the Week is "New".
Whistlestop's Word of the Day is "Present".

Take a look at these sweet new presents our Aunt Connie gave us for Chanukah this year!

Wand Toys Galore, mommy said! Purrsonally, I say you can never have enough WAND Toys!
We gotted a Feather-Butt Mousie, too! Sweeeeeeet!
Maxwell: Faraday's not the only one who likes the wand toys. Just sayin'.
There's loads more, but we don't wanna hog the blogosphere with elebenty zillion pics of us playing and stuff, so we'll share more on another day!

For more Whistlestop Photohunters, visit here.

For more 52 Snapshots, search for hashtags #PBSG and #52Snapshots on your social channels!


  1. The boys look wonderful no matter the subject!

  2. Wand toys rock!!!! Love your combination of the two challenges :)

  3. You always have great pics! Glad you are joining the 52 Snapshots, it will be fun to see what you kitties come up with!

  4. Two photos challenges ! Wow ! Mum is too lazy to take part in only one... Purrs

  5. Most excellent shots for the Photo hunt!!!

  6. We are joining The Lazy Pit Bull challenge. It looks like a lot of fun! Wand toys rock!

  7. We're going to join the new challenge too....lots of fun themes!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. You guys are very spoiled. That is good

  9. Those new presents are the bestest!

  10. Wand toys, especially the ones with feathers are the best. You boys didn't let Allie play?
    Maxwell, I think you are one of the cutest kitties on the internet and you could put up as many photos as you'd like and I'd not get bored of you.

  11. Looks like you got some great presents.

  12. des cadeaux parfaits, jouez bien


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